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With our 12 lanes separated into 2 sections, we can offer private parties and special events without any problems - even during normal hours!  Additionally, our training room offers a place to spread out food and drinks (No Alcohol!).  

Call or send us a message!  We will work with you to reserve your block of time, lanes, and rentals, and help you make your event a great experience!


Event Ideas:


  • Birthday parties are very popular here at Parkers.


  • Bachelor Parties don't have to be boring any more, spend a little time here with the gang.


  • VIP parties.  We have many suppliers that bring customers here for a special evening to close out business deals and forge relationships.


  • Family Reunions. Especially around the holidays these are very popular.  Shooting is an American tradition and part of our history.  At Parkers we respect that history and well as the families that come here to shoot.

Tell us more about your event:

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